Tenzing Wilson* helps artists, designers, architects and others in the visually creative field to produce

  • exhibitions
  • books and catalogues
  • websites 
  • texts
  • content for social media / press
  • creative works, products and collections

Tenzing Wilson can also take a more involved long-term role as studio manager by structuring and coordinating a creative practice.



Tenzing Wilson was founded by Tim Vanheers. After studying linguistics at Ghent and Münster university and marketing at Vlerick Business School, he worked in a communication agency and government communications. He then carved his own niche by following his passion for art, design, architecture and fashion.


 * named after Tenzing Norgay and Tony Wilson. Intrigued by the connection between a Nepalese mountain climber and a music mogul called ‘Mr Manchester’? Let’s have a chat.



+32 (0)476 95 33 87